Halo Bite

Halo Bite is a hardcore band hailing from Albany, NY. Members J (vocals), Russell (drums), Angie (guitar), Jeremy (guitar), and Chandler (bass) extract elements from the roots of punk, emo, and metal influences to create a version of hardcore that moves the mind and body.

Their debut EP 'apathy!' was released in October of 2022 and was followed shortly after by a two song single titled, 'Real Guns, Fake Holsters'.

Above all, the goal of their music is to create a welcoming community that carves out a space for those who don't usually feel welcomed by the typical hardcore scene.

Some influences the band draws from include: Bikini Kill, Pat the Bunny, Slipknot, Botch, Snapcase, The Chariot and many more.

Since forming in '22, the band has performed over 50 shows, consisting of many runs out of New York State. Some acts Halo Bite has shared the stage with include: Koyo, Drug Church, Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Escuela Grind, Anxious, Seed of Pain, Colony, Webbed Wing, One Step Closer and After the Fall.

The band's latest single — the first to preview their upcoming Winner's Circle EP — smashes by on cathartically crusty melodies, spider-knuckled guitar mania, and even a smooth-ass, if mega-distorted, Latin swing breakdown.” - Gregory Adams

Revolver Magazine

It continues to be a great time for hardcore bands that are pushing up against the genre’s boundaries...It’s groovy, catchy, and heavy all at once in a way that reminds me of stuff like the new Spaced album and pre-Glow On Turnstile.” - Andrew Sacher

Brooklyn Vegan